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Bisque Paramount

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Works great with a few minor bugs/gotchas
The driver works great provided your follow the instructions however there are a few unexpected behaviours to note that are important for users of domes and remote observatories looking for complete lights-out automation.

#1 tracking rate defaults to "custom"
- you will need to manually (or through a script), select a non-federal rate and then re-select sidereal in order for the mount to track at the correct rate (Paramount ME with MKS3000 controller)
- an issue has been logged

#2 the driver does not correctly report side of pier
- this creates issues with dome drivers that require side of pier for azimuth slaving calculations

#3 not way to home the mount through the driver
- this will need to be done manually, through a script or via the TCS control interface where you can enable "home on connect" provided your observatory conditions allow it

Also at present, TPoint modelling requires the camera/filter to be controlled by TSX, although I suspect it may be possible to build an integration to enable end-to-end control of the Paramount via INDI with some creative scripting

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