User Review

AAG Cloud Watcher


Works great - but requires a different driver if user with a Solo
Great little product, however if you are thinking of buying one, please note that the driver assumes a direct connection the device (ie: not using a Solo).

If using a Solo you will need to use the Weather Watcher driver to call the status web page of the Solo and parse the values into a set of warnings/alerts which can then be used by EKOS/INDI.

The benefit of a Lunatico Solo is that it does not require EKOS/INDI to be running in order for it to detect rain or cloud and can trigger an NO relay switch which can be used for a safety override in the case of rain for example.

An open-source alternative to this product is the WeatherRadio driver and hardware combination, however at the time of writing it does not yet have a native rain sensor, but one is planned, check the forums for more detail.

P.S. In my experience the CloudWatcher rain sensor is not as sensitive/accurate as an RG11, which offers a similar NO relay option, is also heated and can operate completely autonomously with nothing more than 12V power.