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Very helpful and flexible script
I use the Raspbian distro on my headless RPi 3B+, and had been trying to keep up with the INDI Git repo. When the 3rd party drivers were separated, I didn't know what to do. This script does, and does it right.

It also can build a whole system installed on the Pi - from INDI to Kstars and lots of excellent configuration stuff more related to Linux platform management. I did not go the Kstars route - I like having that on my full-powered desktop. But I may go back and adopt some of the network configuration stuff, which looks expertly done.

I also want to throw in a big thanks for not making the script super complicated. It's just a flat script and it's easy to understand. So, if you don't want to do something, just comment it out!

The one comment I have is that I gave up trying to install the INDIWebManagerApp. I didn't realize it depended on a lot of packages that KStars also depended on, and after spending some time trying to filter out just the right ones, I gave up. It would be nice to see the INDIWebManager dependencies separated out, if that's possible. Instead, I will manually start the INDI server like I've always done.

Thanks for some great work!