pauledd replied to the topic 'help on indi wiringPi gpio crash' in the forum. 4 years ago

So far ... it seems to work, in my opinion you can close the issue on github.
Just some things in your code I want to mention :
- maybe change NULL to nullptr?
- maybe change from -std=c++0x to c++11?

- I always have to add this crypt flag to CmakeLists.txt
( )

- you should check to include <cstring> as I get compiler errors without it (gcc-6.x)
- I had to remove the code in "ServoBlasterCap::EnableLightBox" that checks if cap is parked.
I cannot activate the light of my flatfield-dustcover if closed but I have to, to make flats, maybe you can implement
some kind of checkbox to disable this check.
- maybe enable issues page on github for that repo so than I can bother you with my problems there :silly: