I'm very slowly learning to autoguide my mount (Stellaremate OS / EQ6-R Pro / Stellarvue refractor).

When using flats in the guider, I understand it will save flats in the flats folder and from what I read, it should pull one out (up to the validity day limit). How do you load one of these pre-made flats to use for guiding? In the folder it says "double click to open" but it just highlights the part of the file info currently pointed at. Do you select on and hit the OK button? I don't see it loading, and it still tells me to cover my scope for flat.

I understand the flats will help with noisy images, so if you run a filter that clears the image up a little more (median seems to improve it for example) does the guider use that cleaner image for guiding or is this just for the advantage of the user to watch the guiding?

I also have it seem to run the guide calibration often even in the same chunk of sky that I'm currently in. I didn't clear the guiding, but it does it itself. Is there a setting to keep the current guide calibration or is this something it need to do often? It is pretty quick to run, but just annoying when it does it so often.

Thanks in advance. I'm very happy with Ekos/Kstars and the non-Microsft world, just climbing a learning curve. :)