Tim Long told me over on the Facebook side that I should try to clear the setting in the firmware on the Arudino. I used the commands

Rotator: @ZDR @ZWR
and then cycled the power totally (power off on the Pi and unplugging the power supply).
Reboot, check settings and try again. Same things. Only thing that works in INDI / Kstars is the 'find home' and open/close shutter.
The status window at the bottom does show things like "slewing dome 10 degrees" or whatever command is sent, but nothing happens.

I did try Stellarmate also, and same thing. In fact, I've never gotten Stellarmate working at all, but Astroberry has worked great for about a year. I did do a full reinstall and have the latest software on there. Not sure if there is and issue with Kstars 3.4.3?
I've attached a log file for the dome movements. I powered up, did the home finding (worked) then tried a CW, CCW slew and nothing. So that should be shown in the file. As I think I mentioned, manual commands to the Rotator such as
(or similar) ended up with a perfect dome slew to 100 degrees. Just not in Kstars now. :-(

It all started when I hoped I could just swap a SD card from my 4 GB Pi to my new 8 GB Pi and do a simple upgrade! *sigh* If it wasn't broke I shouldn't have fixed it.
Any ideas?

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