Bruce Morrell replied to the topic 'Astroberry relays' in the forum. 7 months ago

I still have not found the config file, however I have figured out how to solve. Indi astroberry relay has a default assignment for BCM to gpio pins, which I was unable to change. The culprit was that I could not save any changes because there was a conflict between relay board and wave share servo board. Specifically BCM 13 and 19. IT dawned on me to remove servo board and then try reconfiguring relay board. That worked by eliminating pins 13 and 19 and assigning them BCM ports that were not used by any other application. Save, then reinstall wave share servo board.

The permanent fix is to allow the user to assign BCM ports to a null value and to define the number of relays(3, 4, 8 or what ever). I ended up using a wave share relay board that does not have conflicts with their servo board. The only artifact left over is that the Relay Board still has 8 relays with bogus BCM port assignments. Let user define number relays, the default BCM should be 26, 20 and 21 only.