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Recently I took off from its box my QHY183M camera.
I connected it to my Netbook Dell working under linuxmint  20. I updated before all that follows kstars/ekos/INDI.
I launched Kstars/Ekos and started connection of the devices.
The QHY183M wasn't detected by INDI. I confirmed it using indiserver that didn't found the QH183M.
lsusb shows only that the cam was here without precision of type or brand. But i saw when she was plug or unplugged.
I decided to install the last sdk available on QHY site.
This fixed the identification of camera by the system:
   lsusb shows the brand and name of the camera
   dmesg shows the camera with idproduct="c184".
When I looked in the /lib/udev/rules.d/85-qhyccd.rules there was no c184 idproduct.
Scratched my head.
Tested INDI again, without success.
Scratched my head.
I edited the 85-qhyccd.rules under /lib/udev/rules.d and /etc/udev/rules.d. I duplicated theline with c183 and modified the copy with idproduct="c184".
Tested INDI again without success.
Scratched my head.
I downloaded the souces of INDI and 3rd_party dirvers
I compiled the libqhy
I modified the 85-qhyccd.rules as said previously
I compiled the indi-qhy driver
I created a link pointing to (last SDK)
Tested INDI again ... and ... YAY ... SUCCESS.

All of this is not that clear. I am sure there is a bug somewhere in the sdk(s) of QHY on idproduct (why ? don't know).

Happily those hazardous manipulation fixed the problem.
Maybe I will try to describe better the path I follow.