Patrick replied to the topic 'Ekos 3.6 no guiding calibration' in the forum. 3 months ago

I have a similar issue with my CEM60. I use KStars V3.6 and INDI V 1.9.7 on Raspberry Pi. The driver for the CEM60 is the one specific to the mount.
The calibration fail always.
Hopefully PHP2 works fine and ufffff I can shoot the stars. Otherwise that won't be possible.
The guiding rates are well defined in the mount via the handpad.
There is no track of the guiding rate values in the xml configure file of the CEM60.
So I wonder that those values are read from the mount if not there is no track of those values other than in tab of the mount.
I wonder that values of those guiding rates are either equal to zero either crushed by some memory leak.
The fact is that at the moment guiding with CEM60 and Ekos is not usable.