Here is a picture of the v1.1 assembled and under testing


Hello everyone!

This is a bit of an update on my side:

Version 1.1 arrived and got assembled. All worked as expected and I can safely say that I am not expecting any major revisions for the schematic and electrical connections. There might be slight updates for component placement since I identified some things that could be done better.
Perhaps most importantly for version 1.1 is the fact that the EEPROM on the HAT works like a charm, meaning that the RPi on boot can identify that there is a HAT with specific needs present and assign quickly the right parameters on all peripherals and GPIOs. I am genuinely impressed by the cleanliness of the EEPROM solution for the HAT since it makes development and usage from end users so much easier.

Due to COVID-19 and some personal family priorities I had little progress on the software development for the past 2 months and things will be slow for the next month too. Since the hardware development is verified though I am inclined to send a board or two around to any takers that can commit on contributing for the software side of things. (@knro Jasem I am looking at you ;)

Thanks for all your supportive messages and thanks for tagging along in this journey. Hopefully we will have something that all people can use soon!


Hello dencoded!

Pierros here from Libre Space Foundation (makers of the SatNOGS network). I am excited to see indihub as a potential telescope network, great work on kickstarting this!

I have a couple of questions:
- So far it seems like this is a point to point type of deal. What are your plans for a more coordinated network approach?
- What is your plan about the project in terms of sustainability and governance?
- Do you have plans to open source the server side of your project?



Pierros Papadeas replied to the topic 'Astrohat - An open hardware RPi Hat for astronomy equipment' in the forum. 4 months ago

Thank you all for replying on the survey!

Here are some quick results from it:

Based on this feedback and fixes from v1.0 I went ahead and released a v1.1 version of Astrohat.

Major changes:
- Removal of RTC since it is expensive to do it right and people should connect a GPS (or get time from Kstars) anyway
- Formal adherence to the RPi HAT specifications to make software development and user experience much easier (EEPROM FTW!)
- Various component fixes on issues identified from v1.0

here is a pic of what v1.1 looks like

As I write this reply, v1.1 PCBs are in production and will soon be in my lab to continue testing.