after running a complete libindi and 3rd party driver update both on my desktop and my telescopes raspberry pi, somehow the remote connection to canon eos cameras doesn't working anymore. Right before the update I was able to remotely connect EKOS running on my desktop to a conon eos 1000d as well as a conon eos 100d which were plugged to a raspberry pi.
But now, after the update, when starting the indiserver with gphoto_ccd my telescope driver and a zwo_ccd on the raspi everything seems to work fine, all drivers are started. I'm also abler to connect to the telescope and the zwo cam, but when I try to connect the EOS the following error shows up:

2016-03-16T00:41:57: Can not open camera: Power OK?
The strange thing about it is that an local connection can be established with both cameras.

Anybody got an idea?