Jimbo S Harris replied to the topic 'Ekos on Mac OS X ?' in the forum. 5 years ago

Hi Sean,

It was your instructions that got me all compiled and running, so follow the hints your-self-of-several-months-ago gave, and you'll get there, beer notwithstanding :)

I have found that which Hypervisor I use makes a big difference in my success -- I really wanted VirtualBox to work, but found myself plagued with USB problems and instability. I had much more success once I switched to VMWare Fusion. It's non-free, obviously, but the price tag isn't that big ($70 or so), and it has a much better hardware integration between the Mac host and the guest OS (which in my case was Win XP). Granted, the use case I was attempting was hooking all the photo rig to ASCOM on the XP box through the VM, so YMMV if you are only trying to send INDI TCP packets across. Still, having just one USB cable between the rig and the computer was a joy (there was a powered hub at the mount, naturally).

I lost my astro VM in a nasty astro-divorce (long story), so I'm rebuilding my software rig from scratch at the moment. Let me get the ^&$%&(*^ thing running in *(^$(&^ Windows, so I can take some pictures whenever it decides to clear up, and maybe I'll have an appetite to play with "alternative OSes" :) again.

Heck, I might even check eBay for cheap laptops...

Don't drink and sky, ;)