I don't believe so; I read that thread, and it seems to be about meridian flip being bad mojo.
While I am happy to believe that MF has messed up this party, I have a pretty succinct 22k log that shows a park request, a slew of about 30º to the park position, no MF required (my park position is 90º Az / 0º Alt, CW down OTA pointing at the East horizon), and the status changing to "parked" with the mount's position stable at the target Alt/Az.


except the motors never turned off.

There's no indication in the logs that any "stop" command was sent to the mount anywhere near the status update to Parked.

In the thread I linked, above, there's a suggestion that the INDI FS2 driver only works with more recent versions of the FS2 firmware.
I'd be just as happy to have a checkbox that says "Send stop command after parked", which can be checked by people who have an older version of the mount hardware, and who need to either use an older INDI driver that works with older firmware (was there ever a version that worked with v1.21?), or a mod to the current version.

I am wondering if other FS2 users have ever gotten Parking to work, and if so, how did they do it? This appears to be implemented differently for almost every LX200-flavored driver.