I have attempted to make FS-2 park properly by turning off the motors when parked (set rate to CENTERING, move East).

This works great, and the mount parks and unparks, and slews just fine...

...until I completely stop Ekos and restart it.
At this point, Ekos turns on tracking, but doesn't unpark the mount -- this leaves the mount in a weird state where it can't be slewed.

Can someone help me to understand how to maintain this behavior across reboots?

I also noticed that @SevenW is trying the same thing under LX200 Classic. His method is to set Alignment to :"Land". His code looks similar, but he's having a problem at unpark as well.

Is either of these methods the correct way to do this? My goal is to be able to shut down and park the mount at the end of a session, and have it sit with motors off until I get back. I have submitted a PR from my fork, so that we can discuss the code before it gets merged.