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Hi Jasem, when is the next stable INDI release scheduled for?


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What about loading the whole OS in a RAM disk upon boot? Performance could increase a lot...


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Great news! I’ve coupled this camera with M42 and Nikon lenses for quick grab and go setups.


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jaq1967 wrote: Decided life is too short. Stellarmate doesn't like my setup. I can't justify buying a new camera because my one isn't fully supported so will go back to using wired connections and my laptop and software I know that works with my setup.

Just for awareness, what is your camera make and model?


Yes, I have the same issue when trying to connect to my QHY5L-II Mono to Astroberry. I think this because the QHY sdk is meant to run on ubuntu and not raspbian. See what was said on a similar issue on the QHY Polemaster:

I don't know if anything has changed since then, it would be interesting to see if Stellarmate 1.5.0 has the same issue now that it's alos based on Raspbian.


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It would be great to have an INDI driver for SVBONY cameras. I just purchased an SV305 busing the Sony IMX290:


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Kaczorek wrote: I would rather think of separating EKOS from KStars as @Marc2b suggested in this thread. Multiple EKOS instances should be allowed though.
I believe that such an approach would get us back to the roots of GNU/linux. Every utility should simply do just one thing, best way it can.
Having said that, I'm against the idea EKOS handling multiple optical trains. It should handle a single train the best it can. Multiple EKOSes should handle multiple trains.

I would also prefer this approach.


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Ihoujin wrote: :blink:
Well it's unique! I would be concerned with all that unsecure mass shifting during an exposure causing vibrations.

I agree, I wouldn't use three powe supplies. I use a Meanwell 12v 13A power supply on the ground next to the mount sealed in a]Masterplug waterproof box, then I run a singe cable powerying all equipment via a Rigrunnerrig .
USB hubs with with built in 12 to 5 volt inverters are also available if needed. I have all my equipment connected directly to the RPi, I never had to use a USB hub.


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I’ve been a huge fan of INDI and KStars since I started to play with an OTA mounted RPi in 2016. Things have improved immensely since those days and 2019 has been a truly exceptional year with six releases of KStars and the launch of the Raspberry Pi 4!

I’m immensely grateful to all the people that have poured efforts and huge commitments to this project. The increased visibility and adoption of the INDI platform in its open or embedded forms (both free and paid) is testimony of this great effort.

As our time under the stars is limited by a number of concurrent factors (weather, family & friends, health, work etc.) we all know how precious are those nights when we can dedicate ourselves to Astronomy. Especially for those of us who need to setup and teardown their equipment or need to drive to a dark sky location.

The necessity of being able to have a test environment and a production environment is very acute. Right now unfortunately I’m in a bit of a pickle because, among new features and platform changes, I’m finding increasingly difficult to isolate those INDI/KStars or OS versions that I can safely use in the field without being impaired by: bugs on new features, regression issues, driver issues, Rpi 4 specific issues and OS related issues. On the latter my problems are compounded because I run KStars on a client laptop: I have 3 laptops (Mac OS, Ubuntu Mate and Windows 10).

I’d like to hear from you on what solutions, configurations or software versions have you have adopted to make sure issues and bugs associated to this great wave of innovation do not affect your precious and limited time under the stars.

Thank you all and happy 2020!