Paul replied to the topic 'Meridian Flip problem and questions' in the forum. 6 months ago


Referring back to my original post, I have a 20 minute window where a goto will trigger a meridian flip - and that is really a bit tight as it is possible for some positions to still be an issue.

Any goto outside this range will not produce a meridian flip.

So, for example, in a worst case scenario, if I have a 30 minute exposure it can start an exposure before the meridian flip is possible and finish after. Given the tolerances for matching the mount to the software there needs to be some leeway, so it means the window is actually narrower.

If the software knows where the range begins and ends it can intelligently determine whether to start an exposure, command a flip or to wait until a flip is possible and then command the flip. The current situation is that a flip may sometimes work but sometimes fail, which is what my experience has found.