Paul replied to the topic 'Meridian flip' in the forum. 6 months ago


I think you are overly simplifying thiings.
You need to set the mount up and then configure the software to meet the requirements of the mount.
The problem is that a mount has a range over which a goto will produce a meridian flip but the software is not capable of recognising a range only a fixed limit.
So, you need to set the software to produce a flip after the first point at which it will flip but before it reaches the limit.
Since, Ekos only has one setting it needs to be set to ensure it always commands the goto before it reaches the limit.
For long exposures it may happen that it cannot achieve both and will sometimes fail, depending on when a previous exposure completes.
I have had some discussions with the programmers and they are considering adding an extra setting to fix this but it has not currently been implemented.
So in summary, to ensure 100% flips working you need to have the exposure length shorter than the period between the first point and the limit and to ensure the goto is commanded before the limit is reached.