I have some weird phenomena since I installed the latest Kstars, Ekos, indi. Yesterday I played with the autoguiding, so I didn't take pictures with the big chip in the camera, only the autoguiding chip.
Camera is a ST8XME (dual chip).

I think using the guiding chip is somehow blocking the reading from the main chip in the software. When I take an image on the guidechip... It works. When I take an image using the main chip... he stalls.

Basically, I have the following scenarios:

1) Take flats. Go to wall postition (just position in the sky), and take flats, with ADU value 6400.
No fits viewer that is started... In the ekos main log, he only shows "capture in progress".

2) Goto object and track, focus, align.
Here too he doesn't start the fits viewer for preview. In fact... it seems like nothing happens and the program is stuck in the "focus stage".

3) On the other hand, when I use the guidechip... it seems to work!
When I do "goto object" and only select the "guide" option, then he DOES start the fits viewer and continue with the program.

4) When I click simply in the "focus" tab on "capture", to capture an image, he doesn't show the fits viewer either (with main chip)

5) When I go to exposure, make a sequence, and click on "preview", then he stucks on "downloading".
(for this I attached an attachment).

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