And it becomes weirder and weirder. I restarted the laptop, then took an image with the guider. Then with the fits viewer open, I took an image on the focus-tab. He showed suddenly the fits viewer, then a hardcrash (log see attachment).

When I restart kstars, indi and ekos and take a manual image, it works on both the guider and the imager chip. But... he only shows a black screen (grey when stretched). This only occured after the hardcrash.

Restart on windows, and maxim-dl shows that the camera is working without a problem. Then reboot back on linux, and when I take an frame on the imager or the guiderchip, he only shows a black screen. Probably a darkframe?

The log in the attachment suggests that the issue is something with the new dark library. Maybe this is the cause of the problem?