I assume you mean the "startSovler" part?

I would say yes, somebody meant to write startSolver and goofed. I just took a peek, and it looks like it has been called that for more than 4 years. That is fairly easy to change, but I am not sure we need to do so because:

The good news is that all those astrometryparsers should not really be needed anymore because now all that options parsing is handled internally in StellarSolver to make the code simpler and cleaner. Not only that, the same options profiles will work for all the methods StellarSolver uses, ASTAP, internal solver, local astrometry, and online solver, instead of having many different options for the different methods of solving all in different places and some in configuration files that could be set incorrectly. Now it is just one set of options, all internal in KStars in the one place, so you can'f have a messed up file somewhere preventing your astrometry from working.