@ James,

Sorry I had to close the pull request for negative values on focuser since Indi assumes only positive.
I would suggest changing the focuser set-up intead of e.g. -25 .. + 25 to 0 .. 50.
For the time beeing better to stay as is.
By power level, do you mean the new feature added fo DC motors?
// :FP# Get focuser DC Motor Power Level (in %)
// :FPnnn# Set focuser DC Motor Power Level (in %)

In my understanding is that this parameter is controlling the DC motor minimum speed to avoid motor stall.
If so it is a tuning parameter and should not be changed once set for a given focuser.
If I am wrong and this parameter serves as speed control for the motore then I think it shpould never be written to the EEprom.

In both case this could be covered in InDi by just having a set point that is updated only on manual set.