I remember when I started testing my stepper focuser with Onstep (before I had a self built DC type), I started with default settings (-25 .. + 25) and it was working with Indi but I changed during tests because I never was able to set my origin so I chose to use 0 .. 38 instead. (Just to say the reason was not software, just simple mechanical fact)

Nevertheles, there must be an objective reason why Howard did set the default to -25 .. +25, so we should find a solution.
So I decided to change my set-up again to relative (-19 .. +19) to fit with my 38mm stroke to be in position to test this with Indi again

Seems we have other issues too. I made many tests yeasterday and dis the mistake to upgrade OnStep to last Alpha.
At a fist glace everything seemed working fine and then I discovered that Speed adjust :FS# :FF# and :Fn# do not work anymore.

wait and see