The internet problem is anoying and only a "no chance".

The French government started a plan to connect 100% of the territory with Optical Fiber within 2020, all payed by Goverment, European Union ... so by the citizen.
So far so good, the Fiber arrived in my village.
The problem starts when it comes to commercialization.
This Network is opened for any internet provider in two manners:
A - The internet provider uses the complete network infrastructure including active devices, costs a bit more but zéro investment
B- The internet provider uses only the Fiber, and he provides it's own active devices, more investment but they manage themselves the network (only use the physical Fiber)

This makes that all little internet providers already offer their services on the Fiber but all are oriented Multimedia and relative expensive
and the Big provider that have better offers (example Internt Only ,... )take a bit more time util they install their hardware.

I am in the second case where my provider will start only in september and I definitively want to stay with my provider for the following rteasons:
- Fixed IPV4 full stack (no shared ports)
- Fixed IPV6/64
- Reverse DNS
- VPN support
- Free Phone for most countries and free Mobile phone for main countries (My daughter lives in Hong Kong :-)

And all wih a cost that is one of the cheapest ...
For all these reasons I prefer to stay patient

Concerning you push I must just tahnk you very much for all your efforts.
I will merge to my master but prefer to wait a bit before pushing to main Master.

Thanks again