it seems working according to the last tests I did (see logs)
Done with CCD simulator, CCD Guide Simulator, Dome Simulator and OnStep.
The Dome parking waits on OnStep in park position and Ekos shuts down only when Dome is really parked.
I will push the changes to my git and continue more complex testing

2021-07-16T11:54:47 Shutdown complete.
2021-07-16T11:54:47 Ekos stopped.
2021-07-16T11:54:46 INDI devices disconnected.
2021-07-16T11:54:43 Dome parked.
2021-07-16T11:54:26 Parking dome...
2021-07-16T11:54:25 Mount parked.
2021-07-16T11:53:39 Parking mount in progress...
2021-07-16T11:53:38 No jobs left in the scheduler queue.
2021-07-16T11:53:37 Job 'Thuban' is complete.
2021-07-16T11:53:16 Job 'Thuban' capture is in progress...
2021-07-16T11:53:16 Job 'Thuban' slew is complete.
2021-07-16T11:52:24 Job 'Thuban' is slewing to target.
2021-07-16T11:52:21 Mount unparked.
2021-07-16T11:52:19 Dome unparked.
2021-07-16T11:52:13 Unparking dome...
2021-07-16T11:52:12 INDI devices connected.
2021-07-16T11:52:12 Ekos started.
2021-07-16T11:52:07 Scheduler started.