Clive Davies replied to the topic 'Re:Loosing the plot' in the forum. 4 years ago

Thanks Rob but I am at a dead end here. Everything I read about Indi makes it a solution for remote astronomy, but this issue does not seem to have a solution. If I watch the Stellarmate tutorials all refer to an INDI Web Manager that resolves this issue, but the 'standard Indi Web Manager', although reporting that its Stellarmate in the title bar does not have this option. I appreciate that Stellarmate is a product that can be purchased, but if it is using only standard 'opensource' Indi code, why the cost?
I was going to purchase the Stellarmate OS as a download but I fail to see what I get, other than a modified Web Manager, and my experience to date has not supported paying for a product that I cannot get to work in a stable manner. it's like having a car that you need to pump up the tyres before you can set off.