Both methods work as long as the commands are sent immediately in succession. However, I prefer your solution. Thanks!


Thank you, Jasem. I was not using a command to read the image prior to issuing the capture command.

I went back and double checked a previous thread ( and noted the second time through reading that there is the need to request the properties with a long time out immediately followed by the capture command.

Thus, the following works:
indi_getprop −t 30 &

This does strike me as a particularly nice solution. But it does work!

Python is not in my toolbox of languages, but based upon your PyINDI suggestion, perhaps it's time I look into it.
Thanks again, Darren


I'm unable to use the scripting tools ( to download an image from my Canon 5D MarkIII. As this is my first use of the INDI Library, I'm very likely setting a parameter incorrectly. However, I have, yet, to determine the parameter(s).

System Notes:
Indiserver: INDI Library: 1.2.0, Code $Rev$. Protocol 1.7
KStars / Ekos: None
INDI SOURCE: ppa:mutlaqja/ppa
Kernal / Architecture: Linux darren-HP-ProBook-4540s 4.4.0-38-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 6 15:42:33 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

In general I'm am starting the server as follows:
indiserver -vv -l /home/darren/ indi_gphoto_ccd

And I'm modifying the camera properties as follows:
indi_setprop "GPhoto CCD.CONNECTION.CONNECT=On"
indi_setprop "GPhoto CCD.CCD_INFO.CCD_PIXEL_SIZE=6.25"
indi_setprop "GPhoto CCD.CCD_INFO.CCD_PIXEL_SIZE_Y=6.25"
indi_setprop "GPhoto CCD.DEBUG.ENABLE=On"
indi_setprop "GPhoto CCD.LOGGING_LEVEL.LOG_DEBUG=On"
indi_setprop "GPhoto CCD.LOG_OUTPUT.FILE_DEBUG=On"

The image file does, in fact, appear in the directory as /tmp/indi_xxxxx (or something to that effect) for a short period of time. However, the image file disappears. And a FITS file is never created.

The debug log towards the end of the sequence looks like this:
DEBUG 1804.818375 sec : Using predefined exposure time: 0.02 seconds
DEBUG 1804.818382 sec : Exposure started
INFO 1804.818387 sec : Starting 0.02 sec exposure
DEBUG 1805.818728 sec : Reading exposure
DEBUG 1808.192920 sec : Exposure complete
DEBUG 1808.193001 sec : gp_file_new_from_fd result: 0
DEBUG 1808.193039 sec : Downloading //capt0006.cr2
DEBUG 1808.219662 sec : Downloading result: 0
DEBUG 1808.219713 sec : Downloaded 0x0 (preview 0x0)
DEBUG 1808.219724 sec : Deleting.
DEBUG 1808.221588 sec : Retval: 0
DEBUG 1808.221622 sec : Setting radio/menu widget shutterspeed: 42 (1/500)
DEBUG 1808.247542 sec : Setting new configuration OK.
INFO 1808.247604 sec : Exposure done, downloading image...
DEBUG 1808.247652 sec : dcraw -i -t 0 -v /tmp/indi_xFjKfj 2> /dev/null
DEBUG 1808.255571 sec :

DEBUG 1808.255626 sec : Filename: /tmp/indi_xFjKfj

DEBUG 1808.255642 sec : Timestamp: Mon Oct 3 11:37:58 2016

DEBUG 1808.255683 sec : Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III

DEBUG 1808.255692 sec : ISO speed: 320

DEBUG 1808.255699 sec : Shutter: 1/49.4 sec

DEBUG 1808.255712 sec : Aperture: f/2.3

DEBUG 1808.255720 sec : Focal length: 50.0 mm

DEBUG 1808.255727 sec : Embedded ICC profile: no

DEBUG 1808.255734 sec : Number of raw images: 1

DEBUG 1808.255741 sec : Thumb size: 5760 x 3840

DEBUG 1808.255747 sec : Full size: 5920 x 3950

DEBUG 1808.255754 sec : Image size: 5796 x 3870

DEBUG 1808.255761 sec : Output size: 5796 x 3870

DEBUG 1808.255768 sec : Raw colors: 3

DEBUG 1808.255776 sec : Filter pattern: RGGBRGGBRGGBRGGB

DEBUG 1808.255784 sec : Daylight multipliers: 2.125175 0.943985 1.338680

DEBUG 1808.255791 sec : Camera multipliers: 1982.000000 1024.000000 1616.000000 1024.000000

DEBUG 1808.255817 sec : Reading exposure 5796 x 3870
DEBUG 1808.255829 sec : dcraw -c -t 0 -4 -D /tmp/indi_xFjKfj
DEBUG 1809.407088 sec : read_dcraw: memsize (44861040) naxis (2) w (5796) h (3870) bpp (16)

GPHoto seems to be saving the file correctly. And dcraw appears to be operating correctly on the file. I just never end with a FITS file that I'm able to find on the computer.