If you use Sky Watcher SynScan USB instead of a hand controller, you should be able to control it with the SkyWacher ALT-AZ driver.


Try the following with the ALTAZMount driver.
(This driver should have been developed with an API that can be used with all SkyWacherALT-AZMount, but there is a bug that does not fix it at all.)

1. Turn your home position to the North Pole.

2. View mount controller from Ekos mount module

3. Press the park release button on the Ekos mount controller

4. Press the stop button on the Ekos mount controller to stop the mount.
(It's a bug.)

5. Move the lens barrel appropriately in the east direction with the mount controller

6. Perform Solver → Sync with the alignment module

If you perform steps 5 and 6 multiple times, the alignment points will be registered in the alignment subsystem so that they will move correctly.


Thank you for your reply
It seems that I was able to update by the following procedure.

cd /home/xxxxx/sexysolver-tester

git pull

cd /home/xxxxx/sexysolver-tester/linux-scripts



xxxxx is the user directory

It may be better to be listed on github as it requires some steps.


The new version has been renamed.

How can I update it?


Great job!

Optimized images to analyze when embedding in Ekos (pixel size, file size for quick analysis, etc.)

Please consider it as well.

When solving with Ekos, I am currently setting Jpeg / downsample on the DSLR and binning / downsample on the astronomical camera to increase the image transfer rate. If you have a frame from live view and you have an astronomical camera, shooting in stream mode will be even faster. (I think ASIAirPRO improves processing in this style.)


Takito Nagai replied to the topic 'Quick Controls Widget?' in the forum. 4 months ago

I think adding this function is an operational problem.

In many other applications, you can adjust gain, offset, color balance, focus, mount position, and more while viewing the live view.

It would be very convenient if you could make all adjustments before shooting.

(I think you can refer to the ASI AirPro interface, SBC, etc. that operate with the same driver.

ASI AirPro can also add live stacking. )


Takito Nagai replied to the topic 'Quick Controls Widget?' in the forum. 4 months ago

I think Ekos is a great integrated environment like no other, but it doesn't have the ability to interact and adjust with Live View.

It is convenient to be able to adjust the focus, gain, and color while watching the live view.
(It would be even better if you could do live stacking)


Takito Nagai replied to the topic 'Quick Controls Widget?' in the forum. 4 months ago

I think it's a great idea.

In the case of another window, I think that it is difficult to operate depending on the function, so make it easier to access with tabs etc. in the module,
It would be nice to add a configuration module that can perform the required operations suggested earlier.


I understood the cause.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mutlaqja/ppa

When re-registering the repository with this command, the repository for the OS of a different version will be registered.

I'm using bionic, I've tried it several times and the groovy repository is registered.


I checked, but the dependency does not correspond to the system version.

And it seems that the dependencies cannot be installed.

kstars-bleeding→The dependencies cannot be installed, the required version is too new to get in the repository, and the dependencies cannot be installed.

Dependencies that cannot be installed

What you can't install
The indi-bin

A dependency is required for a newer version of the repository and cannot be installed.


Please include the following dependencies in the repository.


There have been many problems for a long time, but this version can not be updated at all.

There are the following problems.

・ Indi-full → Installation is not possible because there are no installation candidates.

・ Indi-bin → I cannot install due to lack of dependencies.

-Kstars-bleeding → I cannot install due to lack of dependencies.

● Missing due to dependencies
libcfitsio 8

It cannot be installed because the package cannot be found.

sudo apt-get -o Dpkg :: Options :: = "-force-overwrite" -f install

I tried to install it, but it cannot be installed due to lack of the above dependencies.

When installing with SSH, the previous version was put on hold, and when I followed the instructions of autoremove, KStars, indi-full, etc. were deleted, so I could not install
Currently it is completely unusable. .. ..

If you know how to avoid it, please let me know.