This is a bug since 1.9.4. .. .. (Many reports have been raised.)

A person with whom I interacted on the blog created a modified file.

It should probably be reflected in 1.9.7.


T-Studio replied to the topic 'Per driver configurable delay?' in the forum. 6 months ago

I'm in favor of incorporating it into the server as an automated script if the driver doesn't work, but I'm against adding the driver's parameters.

Even if you add a driver parameter, the problem will not be solved if the initial value is 0, and it will always cause a problem if the setting is initialized by a user who has not set it or an update.

The INDI driver has many problems with user settings being initialized on update.

I think that the user prefers a state where it works properly without setting the parameters of the control panel.


I am always grateful for your help.

I've been using the INDI environment for about 6 years,
I have a request for an update.

1. When updating, please do not overwrite and update the preferences files such as drivers and KStars. (The settings for each device will be redone from the beginning, which may cause a crash depending on the driver.)
At least the files in the above directories should not be overwritten during the update.

2. Please stagger the update timing of drivers, servers, and KStars (including Ekos). (It is difficult to identify the cause when all are updated)

3. Please provide an option to revert to the previous version. (It would be even better if it was packaged like Appimage)

If the update time of the driver, server, and KStars (Ekos) is different, the cause of the trouble will be easier to understand.

If the various settings made by the user (drivers, KStars, Ekos, and parks, etc.) are retained during the update, the part of the driver update that caused the problem will become clear. (Returning to the default value may cause trouble.)

Before 1.9.3, I expected that tapirus etc. would be heading in the right direction, but in my environment, after 1.9.4, there are lots of troubles. (I am using it by reverting to the old version.)

I hope to return to a stable environment as before.


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Environment: RaspberryPi4-4GB (32bitOS)

Self-made USB serial driver (works on Windows)

Like the SkyWatcher-ALTAZ driver, it does not work with a USB connection.

It got worse in 1.9.6.

-Cable is not recognized. (Previously it was recognized, but I couldn't connect.)

Attach the log.
I want you to improve as soon as possible. .....


Environment: RaspberryPi4-4GB (32bitOS)

Since 1.9.4, I have been unable to connect with USB serial. .. ..

It got worse in 1.9.6.

・KStars crashes when the driver is started from Ekos

・It does not crash via INDIWeb Manager, but the driver cannot connect.

The driver for this mount has been unusable for about half a year.

Attach the log operated via INDI Web Manager.

I want you to improve as soon as possible. .. .. .. ..


I used Synaptic to manually fix the version of the repository.


USB connection is not possible even after updating to 1.9.5. ....

I got the log.

When I check the log, it seems that the mount type is not supported and it is disconnected. (Before 1.9.3, it was connected without any problem.)

Perhaps the Celestron-AUX driver has similar symptoms.

Due to this issue, it cannot be updated for 4 months.

I hope it will be resolved as soon as possible.


I'm glad that the Linux version is an environment in which the necessary functions are packaged like the Mac version.

If it is bundled with AppImage etc.,We can easily roll back even if trouble occurs at the time of update.


thank you!

I will try.


T-Studio replied to the topic 'INDI RTL-SDR driver maintenance' in the forum. 9 months ago

The RTL-SDR driver is almost non-working. .. ..

I control the mount in INDI and use SDR # on my Windows machine remotely.

Install RTL-SDR on a Linux machine

sudo apt install rtl-sdr

Then enter the following in the terminal

rtl_tcp -a

You can connect remotely by selecting RTL-TCP as the driver in SDR # and entering the address of the Linux machine.


How many times have you had problems with this mount? ....

Raspberry-Pi4 32 Bit Buster
I can't connect to the SkyWatcher USB dongle.

You cannot log because you cannot connect. ....

I was using a different environment, so I checked today.

I will return to the backup half a year ago. .. ..


T-Studio replied to the topic 'INDI RTL-SDR driver maintenance' in the forum. 9 months ago

I'll try.


T-Studio created a new topic ' INDI RTL-SDR driver maintenance' in the forum. 9 months ago

I am always grateful for your help.

I tried all the functions of the INDI RTL-SDR driver on the driver because I wanted to observe the radio waves, but there were many places where it did not work.

・ Raspberry-Pi4 4GB Buster (latest for both OS and INDI)
・ RTL-SDR.COM module V3 (latest)

Defective part
・Even if the import location of the FITS image is changed, it is not reflected.
・ FITS viewer does not open even if I get a FITS image
・ Streaming mode does not work
・INDI Web Manager does not show drivers
・Crash when activating an item on the Signal Processing tab.

The log at the time of the above operation check is also attached.

Please check at the time of maintenance.


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