Adrian replied to the topic 'Weather radio don't want connect' in the forum. 3 years ago

I have unos and nanos and no Wemos D1, probably should invest I suppose.

I have been using the usb cable to power the microcontroller and communicate with it (two objectives with one cable).

I bought a longer USB cable which goes to the weather station's microcontroller.
This is commected back to a raspberry pi in a nicer weather proof environment which has AC power and an ethernet connection.

The wifi from the house does not reach the garden well where the pi is and is much less reliable than the cable usually.

I did set up the pi as a wifi hotspot so that the pi zero on the skycam can communicate back, so it would be easy to use this trick with a Wemos.

Still have to get power to the pizero and have used a portable power bank 5V (lasts the whole night) and 12V DC via buck converter to 5 V,
which I can power via a 12V battery or a 12V power supply running off the mains. Suppose I could power the Wemos in a similar fashion.

Bit old fashioned with the uno, I know. Suppose I should move with the times!