Adrian replied to the topic 'Weather radio don't want connect' in the forum. 2 years ago

My investment has arrived a nice little Wemos No NAME D1 mini EUR 5.59, for pennies.
SSD1306 OLED 0.96", EUR 6.46.

I also discovered that you can use a slightly different oled begin call to use my old SH1106, but there are some artefacts.

Works perfectly with version 1.11 development with my hardware, (MLX90614, BME280, TSL2591, Davis anenometer, OLED)
Had to figure out that the pins have a different numbering to the arduino.

Wemos	Arduino	Connected
D0	16
D1	5	Yellow	SCL
D2	4	Green	SDA
D3	0	Purple	Anenometer Wind Speed
D4	2	
D5	14
D6	12
D7	13
D8	15	Grey	Button
Tx	1
Rx	3

So this confirms problem on older hardware is not a wireing problem but most likely a short of memory problem,
I will let it run for a few days to see if there are any crashes or bugs, that I can see.

Then I will try with the RG-11.

As promised I have developed a slim version for the arduino UNO, which is free for perusal on github, the code is very simple
but will work with the sensors above (didn't try OLED) and not crash the arduino.

I got it to talk with indi after I figured out the firmware version number must be surrounded by ".

Now that I see how nice the wemos is, I will try to build my next station (no leaks!) with it.