Adrian replied to the topic 'Weather Radio - info channel' in the forum. 2 years ago

If you started your indiserver with this command

/usr/bin/indiserver -v indi_weatherradio >> /tmp/indiserver.log

You could look at /tmp/indiserver.log to see what it says. If it is not too large you could post it or a link to it.

Are you using an Arduino? or a Wemos? See problems with crashes above when using a small memory device with many

How many sensors are you running?

My box kept on dying because of dew and wetness, the dampest sensors were getting very crusty due to
electrolysis. I could rescue some of them by cleaning with alcohol and I have tried to preserve my next batch
by covering the contacts with clear nail polish.

It would sometimes run for a week or so, then stop working and I would go out and dry it out to revive it.

Could be a hardware problem or a software problem.

Hope you get it fixed.