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Regarding the tmp file

If the file is not in /tmp the two main possibilites are
- you did not send it there when you started indiserver
- or the box where the indiserver was running has rebooted and /tmp has been emptied

I see that from your post above you are referring to the .service file
This is usually /etc/systemd/system/indi-weatherradio.service
I suppose this is where you are running indiserver from, this file will be run
at each system boot, if the service is enabled with

$ sudo systemctl enable indi-weatherradio.service
Or the service can be manually started with
$ sudo systemctl start indi-weatherradio.service

The indiserver can also be started in other ways
- from the terminal
- by another application (eg. kstars)

Description=INDI server for weather radio

ExecStart=/usr/bin/indiserver -v indi_weatherradio


You can stop the service and edit this file to change the start line to
ExecStart=/usr/bin/indiserver -v indi_weatherradio >> /tmp/weatherradio_output.txt

Not the >> which sends the output of indiserver to the file.

Then start the service as you usually do.
afa@NAFABox:~$ sudo systemctl start indi-weatherradio.service

You can check whats in the output by typing in a terminal
afa@NAFABox:~$ tail -f /tmp/weatherradio_output.txt

There you will see the output and later on you can copy it to wherever you wish.

Regarding the sensors and Arduino
I had no trouble with crashes with the three sensors you are using on an Arduino Uno and an Arduino Nano,
but when I added more the memory was not sufficient and I got crashes quickly. There are many different models
of Arduino.

Crashing troublshooting
If your indiserver crashes and your computer is attached to the arduino with a usb cable you can use the serial
monitor for the Arduino IDE (or minicom etc) to see if you can talk to the arduino.

You can try the v and w commands and see if you get something back.
v will give the version of the firmware
w will print out the sensors with their readings

If you can't talk with the arduino then there may be a problem with the arduino or the hardware,
damp and wetness was my problem.
If you can talk to the arduino and indiserver is crashing then there is some other problem, most likely.

My Uno ran with these three sensors for a long time before I had problems with damp and wetness.

Is it a good idea to look at the arduino and the sensors to make sure they are not wet!