Adrian replied to the topic 'Weather Radio - info channel' in the forum. 3 years ago

You launch the indi weatherradio service with the start command as you say.
You can also use a different syntax which gives the same result

sudo systemctl stop indi-weatherradio.service

What you are typing is fine for controlling the service, you can use other methods but you only need one.

You need to get the output of the indiserver into a file to record what is happing in case of a crash.
To do this you need to edit the service script to redirect the output to a file.

First stop the service
Use a text editor to edit the service file /etc/systemd/system/indi-weatherradio.service

Change the exec start command from

ExecStart=/usr/bin/indiserver -v indi_weatherradio
ExecStart=/usr/bin/indiserver -v indi_weatherradio >> /tmp/weatherradio_output.txt

Now restart the service.
You can check if it is running with the status command (or ps aux | grep indiserver)

Now if the server crashes the log will be in /tmp/weatherradio_output.txt. You can look at that for any clues.

When you don't want the log anymore you can change the service file back to the original one.