Adrian replied to the topic 'Weather Radio - info channel' in the forum. 2 years ago

Here are two useful commands for you to try to monitor the situation

Check that indi is working
$ ps aux | grep indiserver

You should see a line saying that indiserver is working, it will include the command including indi_weatherradio

Check the output of the logfile
$ tail -f /tmp/logfilename.txt

Instead of /tmp/logfilename.txt put in the path to the log file you used in the service script

This will show the output from the indiserver being put into the log file.
-f means follow and uou need to press ^C to get your command prompt back again.

Changing verbosity of indi
You can increase the amount of information that indi outputs by adding extra v to the service file.

The service file above has one v as in

indiserver -v indi_weatherradio >> /tmp/outputfile.txt

To make it more verbose use -vv or -vvv
indiserver -vv indi_weathreradio >> /tmp/outputfile.txt

Hopefully your mystery will be solved soon.