Adrian replied to the topic 'Weather Radio - info channel' in the forum. 2 years ago

Christophe, sorry to hear you are still having problems.

Did you check that something was being entered into the logfile with

$ tail -f /tmp/logfilename.txt

Use whatever path and name for (/tmp/logfile.txt) you called your logfile in your init script.
after you set up things?

It is wise to check that what you have done is working, in case of simple typing errors, etc.

If you did check that and the file has disappeared then something deleted it, perhaps the system
lost power and rebooted? This would explain your issue.

Anyhow - you can easily put the logfile somewhere else that isn't deleted on a system reboot.

Please post your init script after you have changed it and we will check it for you.

In addition, at a terminal you can type
$ uptime
which will tell you how long the sytem has been running. If it rebooted the uptime will
be much shorter than you think it should be.

Kind regards,