I am still having an issue with my SX CCD (Lodestar camera). I did the update/upgrade on my Ubunto 20.1 system and it upgrade Kstars to 3.5.4 Beta (?) instead of stable. I created a new profile with all my equipment and everything shows up in the Indi Control Panel, except the SX CCD. The CGEM, ZWO CCD, SX Filter Wheel all are there but no guide camera. The SX CCD loads in PHD as stand alone and works, but I cannot connect in EKOS because there is no panel for it.

I tried re-installing indi-full and Indi-sx but it tells me I already have the latest version. I indicated this to Jasem in my initial camera issue thread, but thought I might run this by you as well.

thanks for any help you can offer.