I am running Ubuntu 20.04 64 bit on a Rpi 4 with 8 Gb RAM and my latest installation is Kstars 3.5.3 stable; as I recall it had all the components and my ZWO and SX camera were working.
lsb_release -a
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
Codename: focal

I installed only the Ubuntu Server and then then the lubuntu desktop, I am running it with Lightdm as the desktop manager.
Kstars 3.5.3 stable Build 2021 -04-26T13:22:43Z
It has the EKOS tab and as I indicated my cameras all seem to work.

However, this is not what I am currently using (I set this up an a new SD card), my current system at the telescope boots from an SSD and is still running Kstars 3.5.0 in which everything is working and I am reluctant to update it until I am positive I will end up with a working system.