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Kees Scherer replied to the topic 'Calling 10Micron mount users' in the forum. 2 years ago

I am using a 10 Micron GM2000 HPS II mount ( see my Flickr stream www.flickr.com/photos/kees-scherer/ and the observatory build link here: www.cloudynights.com/topic/553035-scoped...rvatory-in-portugal/ )
I am using Per Frejvall's ASCOM driver ( astro.frejvall.se/index.php?id=4 )for the mount because it features the support for the GPS (exact time) and Stickstation weather (pressure, relative hum and temperature) for the refraction correction. The mount operates with <7 arcsecond pointing accuracy.
As my setup runs flawlessly with Windows 7/Ascom/ Sequence Generator Pro (not updated, no internet connection) i do not intend to switch to Indy anytime soon but perhaps this information can help you on your way.



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