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First, I really like that the object name populates the prefix field. It saves a lot of typing. I discovered tonight however, that on a comet hunt, the names with a "/" in them should be changed to a - or _ to prevent file system directory naming issues on *nix type systems :)

Without this, it creates a directory 38P and continues to overwrite the same file without increasing the number. I am fairly confident it is because when it goes to look for the next file name, it doesn't find the current one in the structure that is created, but it would be better just to modify the char from "/",
such as in the attachment.

Running 3.0.0 Dec 21 build, working great so far tonight.



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I guide with a ZWO 290 mini. Works great, every time. I also have a 290 color usb-3 that works as a guide, every time as well.


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Double check your time and location