Hi People,

I've just done a new INDI install on a newly installed RPi3b+ with up-to-date Raspbian connected to a SynScan mount via the handset cable. I also upgraded the Handset to 39.xx. I then installed PyIndi-Client and wrote a quick microservice to call from my custom app.

Broadly things work. As I have said many times, INDI is a tremendous labour of love and I want to make it work. Here is a list of my tests:

1) Indi connection:
- the little server app works and starts the correct profile with SynScan and CCD simulator.
- It can be remotely managed from a webpage on my PC with
- Ekos on my PC connects to it and shows the right devices.
- PyIndi connects and shows the right devices.
- If I disconnect and reconnect in Ekos, it says /dev/ttyUSB1 already in use by another process and I have to reboot the RPi.
2) SynScan tests.
- SynScan connection works. When SynScan powered down, INDI times out and reconnects when powered up.
- GEOGRAPHIC coordinates broadly work, although at some stage the altitude switches from 88m to 127m

       LAT(Lat (dd:mm:ss))= 50.8672
       LONG(Lon (dd:mm:ss))= 359.663
       ELEV(Elevation (m))= 127.1

I haven't chased this down any further. The error shows on Ekos and the handset.
- Set time works, get time does not. The clock on Indi does not update, although the handset is correct. Ekos and the control panel show the wrong time always, apart from the second the time is set.
- Tracking broadly works. There are some random issues, for instance I have encountered situations where the mount is tracking, but the displays (on the handset, on ekos and in PyIndi-Client are all updating wrongly. I can't repeat this, sometimes it does it, sometimes not. It doen't cause a problem because of the next issue.
- Sync almost never works, and this is my main problem. It almost never works with Ekos, it never works with PyIndi-Client.
- Move NS or EW works everywhere. Change slew rate works everywhere.

So, in summary, if I can't sync, I can't share coords with PHD2, and that is my main requirement. It means I have to manually enter the DEC in PHD2 and use the ST4 port on the camera for guiding.

But apart from that, it works, and it's usable and it's neater than the solution I had before.

If I can help, please shout.