Pep replied to the topic 'INDI Driver for SVBONY cameras' in the forum. 11 months ago

Hi Thx8411,

I just upgrade the system and works perfectly well.
In VNC mode (web access) and remotely (by Ekos (PC)). The camera is connected directly to the USB3 of the RasPi4 without Power Hub.
In both cases I try to do different exposures (from 0.001s to 60s), videos, guide and works perfect. I check if on 12bits works and works too, but have to much noise (normal, of course).
Now I only need a cloudless sky and check if works guide, in internal mode, from ekos works too.
Thanks a lot Blaise.
I attach the dump files if you will check them. v1C is in VNC mode and v2C is remotely mode.

Thanks again,