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I'm trying the QHY268C.
QHY268C(PhotoGraphic Version) can be captured on Windows 10, but Ekos (INDI) has not succeeded in capturing.
When I capture with Ekos, I can capture the first one, but after that, the exposure is interrupted or the capture freezes.
Device I/O errors are logged in dmesg.
I want to use this camera, but it's too new and there is very little information.

I attach the Ekos log and the result of qhy_ccd_test.

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File Name: qhy_ccd_test_2020-09-15-2.log
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INDI server is as follows
RaspberryPi4 with Ubuntu 20.04.1 aarch64
INDI & Kstars are all Nightly Builds versions

Please help me.


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I checked the version I'm using.

indi-gpsd: arm64 / focal 0.5 ~ 202005191033 ~ ubuntu20.04.1
libindi1: arm64 / focal 1.8.6 ~ 202005180342 ~ ubuntu20.04.1

GPSD is working fine in this version.
I got the latest binaries with apt update & apt upgrade.

Is there an old indi_gpsd somewhere?

# which indi_gpsd


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Dear knro.
Thanks for the update.
It worked as expected!


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Thank you for the advice.

I am using a nightly build to validate.
Is this a problem only for me?
I checked the package version.

libindi1 is as follows:

$ apt-show-versions --allversions libindi1
libindi1:arm64 1.8.6~202005151524~ubuntu20.04.1 install ok installed
libindi1:arm64 1.8.5~202004252003~ubuntu20.04.1 focal
libindi1:arm64 1.8.6~202005151524~ubuntu20.04.1 focal
libindi1:arm64/focal 1.8.6~202005151524~ubuntu20.04.1 uptodate
It was built on 2020-05-15 and reflects a good nightly build.

indi-gpsd is as follows:
$ apt-show-versions --allversions indi-gpsd
indi-gpsd:arm64 0.5~202004201855~ubuntu20.04.1 install ok installed
indi-gpsd:arm64 0.5~202004201855~ubuntu20.04.1 focal
indi-gpsd:arm64/focal 0.5~202004201855~ubuntu20.04.1 uptodate
The update has stopped at 2020-04-20.
The indi-gpsd package doesn't seem to be nightly built.
It seems that the access to the library symbol is in error because it's not referencing the new library.

Similar to indi-gpsd, I found some packages whose nightly builds were not updated.These also output an error.

Is this a broken apt dependency?
I think the problem can be solved by nightly building the these package.

Thank you.


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When I run indi_gpsd from the command line, I get the same error.

symbol lookup error: indi_gpsd: undefined symbol: _ZN4INDI13DefaultDeviceD2Ev"
The same applies to indi_aagcloudwatcher and indi_fli_wheel.

_ZN4INDI13DefaultDeviceD2Ev seems to be a symbol defined in
I looked in but the symbol is undefined.
I don't know if indi_gpds is wrong or is wrong.
Maybe it seems to be referencing the wrong library definition when making the driver.


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I have a problem that can't connect to indi-gpsd.

gpsd is working fine and I can get the info with cgps.
The version of indi-gpsd is indi-gpsd 0.5 ~ 202004201855 ~ ubuntu18.04.1 amd64.

When connecting to INDI server with Ekos, the following message is output to the log window.

Unable to establish remote device:
Please ensure remote name corresponds to actual device name.

I was able to connect without problems in the previous version.
Have there been any changes to the gpsd driver?


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Hi there,
It takes time to find the camera that mirror lockup works correctly.
If we have simple commands and procedures to investigate, I think many people will try it.
I will try a new build tonight.
Thank you.


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Hello, knro.
Thank you for your information.
I understood that mirror lockup Enable/Disable is not working properly.
The operation seems to be different in some camera models.
Is there a way to disable mirror lockup?
I am worried that the camera will be damaged, as errors will show on the camera side.


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I have a problem.

I am using Canon T7i (X9i).
The INDI module I am using is indi-gphoto (2.2 to 201807161307 ~ ubuntu 16.04.1).
Although 1 second capture works, can not capture longer than that (eg 2 seconds).
If the capture operation fails, all subsequent capture commands will not be accepted and capture will be impossible.
Sometimes Err 70 is displayed on the camera.
I will attach a log.
When using Canon EOS 600D, there seems to be no trouble.

Are there any advice?
Thank you.


Hi smhxx,

I tried your advice. It worked very well!
A memory leak has not occurred.
The problem is solved with the latest nightly builds.
I checked my environment.
Cause my nightly builds automatic download script seemed to be failing.
I'm sorry.
Also, as you say, note that this problem occurs on the current stable version.

Thank you.


Hi smhxx,
I feel the same way. I am in trouble in exactly the same situation.
If you can reproduce the problem, can you post a log?
It will surely help you to analyze the situation.

The normal log is as follows.

INFO    1001.632236 sec    : Exposure done, downloading image...
DEBUG    1007.745475 sec    : read_libraw: raw_width: 6288 top_margin 0 left_margin 0 first_visible_pixel 0
DEBUG    1007.780411 sec    : read_libraw: rawdata.sizes.width: 6288 rawdata.sizes.height 4056 memsize 51008256 bayer_pattern RGGB
DEBUG    1007.900445 sec    : read_libraw: memsize (51008256) naxis (2) w (6288) h (4056) bpp (16) pattern (RGGB)
DEBUG    1008.470803 sec    : Uploading file. Ext: fits, Size: 51013440, sendImage? Yes, saveImage? No
DEBUG    1009.271505 sec    : Upload complete

The error log is as follows.
INFO    1052.571810 sec    : Exposure done, downloading image...
ERROR    1057.966632 sec    : Cannot convert /tmp/indi_V62GLb : Unsufficient memory
ERROR    1057.967516 sec    : Exposure failed to parse raw image.

An error is output by the read_libraw () function defined in indi-gphoto / gphoto_readimage.cpp.
Looking at the source code, the result of Libraw 's raw2image () is an error.
It is considered an error due to memory shortage, so I do not know whether there is a problem with libraw or indi_gphoto.
There is a possibility that indi_gphoto forgot to release memory.

I tracked memory usage. (ps aux command)
It is a comparison of VSZ and RSS when I capture 10 times.
1	10.2	150068	96820	indi_canon_ccd
2	13.7	183432	129996	indi_canon_ccd
3	17.2	216544	163108	indi_canon_ccd
4	20.7	249664	196228	indi_canon_ccd
5	24.1	282784	229348	indi_canon_ccd
6	27.6	315916	262480	indi_canon_ccd
7	31.1	349064	295628	indi_canon_ccd
8	34.6	382224	328788	indi_canon_ccd
9	38.1	415392	361956	indi_canon_ccd
10	41.6	448560	395124	indi_canon_ccd

The memory used is increasing about 33000 kb each time it is taken.
And that memory is not freed when the capture is over.
The only way to free it is to restart the INDI server.


Dear Herrhausen.

Thanks for your advice.
Both "Single Window Open" and "Single Preview Tab" have been checked in my setting options.
It seems that this is not the cause, as the INDI server and the KStars client are running on separate machines.



I have a problem.
I was capturing using canon T7i.
I download the captured image to the client in FITS format.
After 15 consecutive captures, KStars output the following error.

Cannot convert /tmp/indi_V62GLb : Unsufficient memory
Exposure failed to parse raw image.

And capture was aborted.

When I monitor the memory consumption of the INDI server, many free memory decreases per capture.
When an error is output, the free memory of the server is almost empty.
Also, memory is not freed until the INDI server is restarted.
In order to resolve this error, it was necessary to stop the INDI server and restart it.
There were no such errors in the past.

Do you have good advice?
Thank you.

I am using the following. and Log.

INDI server
Raspberry Pi 3
Ubuntu Mate 16.04
INDI Latest nightiy builds
libgphoto2 2.5.18

Ubuntu 18.04
KStars Latest nightiy builds
libgphoto2 2.5.18