Hi Wolgang,
issuing the Park command from the Mount Tab works as expected:
From Mount Tab:2021-10-16T09:07:21: [INFO] Mount is parked. 
2021-10-16T09:07:21: [INFO] Gstat changed from 2 to 5 
2021-10-16T09:07:13: [INFO] Gstat changed from 0 to 2 
2021-10-16T09:07:12: [INFO] Parking. From parking to parked is 9 secs only because the mount was close to parking position.
With the same configuration I checked from the Scheduler:

2021-10-16T11:20:27 Dome parking failed. Restarting operation...
2021-10-16T11:19:54 Parking dome...
2021-10-16T11:19:53 Mount parked.
2021-10-16T11:19:52 Parking mount in progress...
2021-10-16T11:19:51 Cap parked.
2021-10-16T11:19:49 Parking Cap...
2021-10-16T11:19:48 Warming up CCD...
2021-10-16T11:19:48 No jobs left in the scheduler queue.
2021-10-16T11:19:47 Job 'NGC 4960' is complete.
2021-10-16T11:19:38 Job 'NGC 4960' capture is in progress...
2021-10-16T11:19:38 Job 'NGC 4960' slew is complete.
2021-10-16T11:19:37 Job 'NGC 4960' is slewing to target.
2021-10-16T11:19:36 Mount unparked.
2021-10-16T11:19:32 INDI devices connected.
2021-10-16T11:19:29 Scheduler started.
2021-10-16T11:19:29 Scheduler is awake.

The parking distance was the same as the previous test. But here the Parked status is immediately after the Parking command.
(the 2hrs time offset between the 2 tests is due to the mount working in UTC and Ekos using local time)