Brad Thomas created a new topic ' GPSD' in the forum. 2 years ago

I've returned to using Kstars and Ekos. I have a Ublox 7 dongle that worked for me before. I installed indi yesterday and indi_gpsd. I installed kstars-bleeding today 21MAR2022. The gpsmon app shows the dongle works fine. I don't see an option to add gpsd as an Aux device in Ekos as I did before (two years ago). Is there a problem with this kstars/ekos release? I'm on Ubuntu 20.0.4 on Intel laptop.


Brad Thomas created a new topic ' ASI driver bits per pixel' in the forum. 7 years ago

I am trying the INDI driver for ZWO ASI cameras. The CCD_INFO from the INDI driver reports 8 bit pixel depth for my ASI120MM camera, and the blob gives an 8 bit image. How do I get the full 12-bit depth this camera should provide? Just now I'm using py-indi


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