To start to autoguide (internal or phd2, etc) the iOptron CubePro w/ the venerable 8401 hand controller (with latest V090701 firmware), it appears that one must go outside (brrr) to the mount and use the hand controller put it into auto guide mode. Once through with picture taking and ready to slew somewhere else, in this mode, one must go outside (brr) to get out of auto guide mode. Painful. If the INDI control panel included a button (autoguide on / off) and sent :RG# (to start guiding) or :RC# (to stop guiding) [based on the appendix G, page 40 in the iOptron 8401 manual ] then I could do this switch back and forth in software.

Even better would be the ability to send these codes automatically when guiding is set to start / end when this hand controller / indi driver is in use.

Is this already implemented and I missed the feature? Did I misinterpret the iOptron manual and these codes are not really doing what I think they're doing (the description is terse).

Thanks for any pointers!