Martin Hogarth replied to the topic 'StellarMate OS v1.4.0 and StellarMate App Feedback' in the forum. 9 months ago


Running the latest 1.4 Mate image on PI3B+ and iOS app on a iPad Pro 11. PI3+ has compliant power supply.

Succeeded in registering device to my licence etc, have connected to wi-fi hotspot.

All devices selected in profile and connected, able to access EKOS tab.

Using the iPAD app I am able to use the VNC viewer to access Kstars desktop and set the temperature of the camera. So I have set this to -5^o C.

Back to EKOS on the IPAD app I've selected my camera in the pull down menu and can set Target T = -5^o C .

However, I am unable to enter a new temperature in the field, can not delete the default entry (20^o C) and am not enter a minus number.

Is this a user error?