Hi Dalton,

Do you have a Windows PC in the first place? If yes, you can do all these steps on that Windows PC first then only go back to your Linux box. I sometimes will still have this kind of issue on my QHY168C in Linux. But in Windows no problem at all.

1. First download whatever latest QHYCCD system pack or driver updates from their website.

2. update all your QHYCCD cameras, USB drivers, camera firmware and etc on Windows PC.

3. But according to many users successfully updating the system pack doesn't mean it will update the camera. So, you have to follow the steps on this website to properly update everything.

" In case of USB driver update problems
Some folks have experienced issues updating the USB driver, where it appears that the driver update did not take. There is one thing to try if this is the case:

1. With the camera disconnected, right-click Start and open Device Manager
2. Go to the View menu and select Show hidden devices
3. Expand the AstroImaging Equipment section
4. Right-click QHY5IIISeries_FW, select Properties, and then the Driver tab
5. Press the Update Driver button, and select Search automatically for drivers
6. Also do steps 4 and 5 for the QHY5IIISeries_IO device
7. Plug in the camera. Verify that it is on the newer device driver version "

This is how I manage to get my qhy168C working every time when I updated to the latest QHYCCD system packs.

Good luck on this.