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Dear all,

sorry for my late reply. It was just not possible for me earlier to come back to any test with this mount.

First of all, thank you for the tips and the update to the manual.

I now learned, the the mount does the meridian flip by itself. In my case problem was the time, that was not properly set.
On the mount, I used the local time, in INDI too, but in between I used the Ascom-driver in windows. The "update mount-time"-feature leads to an time-offset in the mounts hand-controller. Afterwards, of course the mount believed, that it doesn't has to do the meridian flip.
So, to properly run the astrophysics driver, one has to be sure, that the mounts hand-controller has the same time, like the operating system as well as Kstars.

The mount now works well. Thank you again very much!

Nevertheless, I observed some little bugs regarding the manual as well as with astrophysics legacy driver:

1.) Parking: The park-position can be defined properly. In my case it is "park4" (Alt=0°, Az=180°). The telescope slews directly to those coordinates and finishes the movement. Unfortunately INDI ist waiting for some communication with the mount, even if the mount has stopped (I waited for one minute).

By the way, the manual explains, that custom park-positions are supported. Later it explains that it assumes that the mount parks in the "park3" position. What is true?

2.) Polar alignment with EKOS: the camera takes one image and the solver runs successfully. Afterwards the mount rotates the scope. Unfortunately after this motion is completed the software waits for something that never comes. There is no possibility to tell the script, that the motion is already completed, so it hangs forever.

3.) Motion-control - In EKOS the motion buttons are working fine you click, the mount moves, you click again, the mount stops moving. Unfortunately the "abort-button" is in the "Main-control" section, so it is risky to use this feature.
In other INDI-clients, like "Skychart", or "Indi-starter" this feature does not work. The mount starts moving by the first click, but can only be stopped or reversed after using the "abort-button" in the "main-control-window".

4.) To initialize the scope the date and time has once to be specified. I would like to see a little information on the date-time format the driver accepts. Without trying kstars it was not possible to find this out. For me it is unclear why there is no button with "use system time".



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today, I tried to run my astrophysics 900GTO mount with INDI. Actually it is hard to find out which driver should I use. I have the GTO CP2 with chip version "D". It seems like only the "astropysics" driver works with this chipset (I cant find lx200ap in the drivers list anymore...). But this one has a serious problem. It does no do a meridian flip.

To reproduce this:
1. start the indiserver with der astrophysics driver.
2. prior connection set in the options meue "simulation on"
3. connect to simulation (with skychart in my case)
4. initialize with current dateTtime and location (using cold init).
5. move from "park3" at the pol to any star 45° in SE
Now the "pier side" states correctly: "West, pointing east"
6. When I now slew to any star in 45° SW the mount directly slews there and the peir side stays "West,pointig east"

Where is the meridian flip. With my real telescope, I would have now crashed...
What I am doing wrong?



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Hi knro,

did you get any replay from QHY? Is QHY planing to support this camera?



Daniel replied to the topic 'Support for QHY5R-II' in the forum. 1 year ago

The output from running "indi_qhy_test" directly, you can find in the Attachment "dummy.txt"

By running it in the indiserver, I get following result:

indiserver -v indi_qhy_test
2017-08-26T05:21:30: startup: indiserver -v indi_qhy_test 
2017-08-26T05:21:30: Driver indi_qhy_test: pid=3617 rfd=3 wfd=6 efd=7
2017-08-26T05:21:30: listening to port 7624 on fd 4
2017-08-26T05:21:30: Driver indi_qhy_test: 2017-08-26T05:21:30: Driver indi_qhy_test: execlp: No such file or directory
2017-08-26T05:21:30: Driver indi_qhy_test: stderr EOF
Child process 3617 died


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I tried to do an 1s exposure.

The QHY log shows the following:

2017-08-23 21:24:58.796 LOG_ALARM -----------------  log4z thread started!   ---------------------------- 
2017-08-23 21:24:58.797 LOG_ALARM logger id=0 key=Main name=indi_qhy_ccd path=/tmp/ level=1 display=1 
2017-08-23 21:25:14.957 LOG_DEBUG ScanQHYCCD (qhyccd.cpp):2202 
2017-08-23 21:25:14.957 LOG_DEBUG ScanQHYCCD do not ScanQHYCCD repeatedly numdev=1 (qhyccd.cpp):2206 
2017-08-23 21:25:14.957 LOG_DEBUG ~QHY5RII_M (qhy5rii_m.cpp):104 
2017-08-23 21:25:14.957 LOG_DEBUG ~QHY5IIBASE (qhy5iibase.cpp):76 

CCDciel log shows:
21:25:15:QHY CCD QHY5RII-C-9137d: Connected to QHY5RII-C-9137d7e0f33c7355.
21:25:15:Camera connected
21:25:15:Camera frame x=0 y=0 width=728 height=512
21:25:16:Camera cooler False
21:25:17:Camera cooler False
21:25:18:QHY CCD QHY5RII-C-9137d: Set BlobMode CCD1

The QHY log stops before the CCDciel log tries to set "BlobMode CCD1"
Than everything hangs. When I start kstars with EKOS the same QHY report is created.


Daniel replied to the topic 'Support for QHY5R-II' in the forum. 1 year ago

Thanks for you reply

lsusb shows:
Bus 003 Device 007: ID 1618:0921

Does this information help?


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I am trying to run the QHY5R-II on Ubuntu 16.04. When starting EKOS or the indiserver combined with CCDciel the camera is connected, but when I try to take an exposure it hangs while downloading. The errors, I described already in the QHY-forum:

qhyccd.com/bbs/index.php?topic=5714.0 (Reply #4), but here is probably the better place to ask what to do.

Is there a roadmap to support also this model, after 5L and 5P are already supported? Is there any workaround to run this camera with INDI.

With best regards,



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