F. Cochard created a new topic ' 10micron GM100 Indi driver' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Hello all,
I'm working to make my GM1000 mount work remotely - in my garden (ultimately in spectroscopy - I'm the manager of Shelyak Instruments).
I recently discovered Ekos & Kstars (you did an amazing job !), and want to use it with the Indi server on a Raspberry Pi close to the telescope.
All is working fine, but I face a problem with the GM1000 mount Indi driver : I've no access to the 'SLEW RATE' parameter, and can only move the telescope at full speed.
Did I miss something (= is there an alternate way to move the telescope at guiding speed) ?
Is it possible to contact the 10micron Indi driver author (Hans Lambermont, as given in the driver page) ?
Any help would be warmly welcome.