Michael replied to the topic '10Micron Mount Modelling' in the forum. 6 months ago

my two cents to sort some of the questions out:
- MW3 used a interface to astrometry.net online for solving
- MW4 removed this, because of the long solving times and added the support of the local astrometry.net solver provided by ekos. This support is still there, but on some platforms (MAC) the binaries were removed (I think when stellar solver started).
- MW4 added the support of ASTAP as this solver is available on all platforms.
- I would love to support the internal solver, if there is any binary to call from external on all platforms. So far Rob had a lot to do to make the internal happen. Perhaps there is the opportunity to make this happen in future. (DBUS calls are unfortunately not the solution)

For the solving topic:
My experience is that all solvers work fast if they get a reasonable starting point to search from. The internal one is very efficient as it could solve on multiple threads (so it is somehow a brute force attack :-))