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Hi again,
To answer to knro, also, DMK doesn't work because apparently TheImagingSource had produced two different cameras with the same model number. The one that I got does not expose "exposure" controls to V4L2 driver so it cannot work.
MX7C, to be frank I didn't check, because that beast was problematic even in windows...
QHY-8 is not supported either, QHY-8L is (as far as I know). I tried that one too, but didn't have any luck. By the way I am willing to try to write a driver for that one, but I must do some serious reading of your other drivers first...
Mead DSI is supported. Both ATIKs aren't.

Anyway, about SXVR now,
I am attaching every possible info about my system.

The system is a samsung laptop running linux on a usb disk ( i tried to insert the camera to a different usb hub, but the results were the same ).
The linux distro is literally a clone of your ekos virtual machine. I copied the entire tree, fixed some UUID references, changed the hostname and username of default user and it's homedir. (it's working fine)


Nick Kavalieris created a new topic ' Horizontal Line on SXVR-H18' in the forum. 1 year ago

Hi, I have a SXVR-H18 and when I capture dark frames (and normal frames aswell, but in dark it's more dramatic) I get a horizontal white line around the middle of the image.
I 've read the forum about this on other cameras and it appears to be some sort of usb timeout when downloading the data.
I did test several different cables just to rule out that I had a faulty cable.
The result was that with some cables, even though the camera was identified by the system it wouldn't download any image. So, I guess not all cables work :D
So anyone who have downloading issues, try a different cable.
Anyway, I tried various things with those that worked, and I noticed that only in BIN 1x1 the line appeared. In other bins (since the image to be downloaded is smaller) no line occured. So, indeed it must be some sort of timeout.
I am attaching a bin 1 and a bin 2 images so you can see the difference.

I would be more than happy if you guide me to provide you additional debug info.

By the way, my equipement are:
LX200GPS mount, EQ6 mount, SXVR-H18, QHY-8, ATIK16-HR, ATIK16, DMK 21AU04.AS, Meade DSI, MX7C
Most of them aren't supported, but since I have access to them I could help with their support.



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